The use of Csevo is subject to the rules set out below. These rules are the same for everyone and are not negotiable.

By subscribing to Csevo, you approve et engage yourself to respect these rules.

Csevo tries to ensure an optimal functioning but can't guarantee an uninterrupted operation and the lack of bug on the entire site.

Users are entirely responsible of all information and activities relating to their account. He is committed to providing accurate information when registering.
Some of these informations will be visible to other users.
No information provided by the user will only be used for commercial purposes.

Csevo gives itself the right to close / delete an account at any time and without notice.
The accounts which have not been connected during 35 days can be deleted at any time.

Csevo condemns any violent/sexual/inciting violence/illegal contents.

Csevo gives itself the right to change the rules of the game, and the operation thereof at any time without prior notice.

Rule 1.1 :
The rules are present to ensure fairness and stability to the game, and to prevent any bad behavior held by the managers.

The full rules are not negotiable.

Rule 1.2 :
All users are expected to know the rules - ignorance is not an excuse!

Rule 1.3 :
If you break the rules, you will be punished.

Rule 1.4 :
A manager is innocent until proven guilty.

Rule 1.5 :
If you see another manager breaking the rules, please report it to an admin immediately by sending a support ticket.
Your testimony will remain anonymous.

Rule 1.6 :
Anyone posing as administrator will be punished.

Rule 1.7 :
Sanctions range from a warning to the deactivation of the account, including economic sanctions.

Rule 1.8 :
When your account is disabled, your purchased services and chips are lost.

However, they can be transferred to another account.

Rule 1.9 :
In the case of a purchase on the site, no refund will be made, except in the case of a script error related to this payment.

Rule 1.10 :
All content on the site are the exclusive property of Csevo

Rule 1.10 :
In the case of a problem which is not covered by the rules, the judgment will be made by the admin team who will then have the last word in accordance with the spirit of the game.

Rule 2.1 :
When you register your account, you have to provide correct informations (name, email, age, birthday date).

These informations are necessary for various reasons such as :
a) If you lose your password
b) If your account is banned
c) If you win a prize

Rule 2.2 :
If a parent or a friend is connecting from the same place as you, you have to inform an admin about it.

Advice to those who connect from the same place :
- Don't bid on your friend's player.
- Don't tell your password to anyone.
- Always disconnect your account when you stop playing Csevo.

Note that you are the only responsible of your account and in any case you'll have to assume consequences.

Rule 2.3 :
You are not allowed to have more than one account.

Having more than one account gives you an unfair advantage over other managers.
It allows you to train and buy more players and / or provide money for a parent account.

What is the sanction?
If you have two teams, the most recent account will be banned and the oldest account will be punished + monetary sanction.

If you have 3 accounts or more, all the accounts will be banned.

Rule 2.4 :
You're not allowed to connect yourself with another account than yours.

Rule 2.5 :
In the event that the administration finds the donation or the sale of an account, this one will immediatly be banned.

Rule 3.1 :
You are not allowed to deliberately lose a match in official competition. (Tournaments and League).

Rule 3.2 :
If you find an anormal or strange result, don't hesitate to inform the admin team which will verify it.
Your request will remain anonymous.

Rule 3.3 :
Bid on a friend's player on the market room in order to deliberately raise up the price is strictly forbidden.

Rule 4.1 :
When you bid on a player, the bid have to reflet the market price.
Unserious bids can be considered as cheating.

The transfer market of Csevo is based on the offer and the demand.
An unserious / unrealistic bid will make the transfer canceled.

This is to ensure equity of the incomes between different sellers selling similar players.

Sanctions can be taken in cases :
a. The buyer wants to waste his money before leaving the game.
b. Attempt to get a cancelled transfer to annoy the seller.
c. The buyer bid on a friend's player to help him.

Rule 4.2 :
Bid on a friend's or family member player can be considered as a cheating attempt.

Rule 4.3 :
If you see someone making a abnormally high bet on one of your players, you have to report it immediatly.
Otherwise, you can be considered as participating in a transfer money attempt.

Rule 5.1 :
Your language have to be respectful all over the site.

Rule 5.2 :
No illegal/pornographic/inciting violence content is allowed on the entire site.

Rule 5.3 :
It is strictly forbidden to use Csevo for commercial purposes.

Rule 5.4 :
It is strictly forbidden to use any tools or parts of the site (internal mails, forum, others) in order to send spam, mails chain, violent or illegal contents, advertisements and/or scams.

If you want to promote an external element of Csevo, please contact the administration team in order to obtain approval.